For its 27th anniversary, the Challenger 360 (name of the van) is looking for 2 passengers to achieve one of its longest adventure.

The Challenger is heading to Iran for a ski trip! No need to be skier to book your seat / bed in this amazing camper van.

Characteristic of the Challenger

  • French Engineering
  • Full options
  • Modern design
  • Leather interior
  • Xenon headlights
  • Performant heating system
  • Green engine
  • Dolby Digital sound system
  • 5/5 at the security test Euro NCAP
  • Minibar

What else Georges ?


Direct trip : GRENOBLE → IRAN (Tabriz)

Departure date : Between January 25th and 30th

Going through : Trieste (Italy) → Zagreb (Croatia) → Belgrad (Serbia) → Sofia (Bulgaria) → Istanbul (Turkey)

Activities : Driving → Eating → Driving → Sleeping → Driving → Enjoying the landscape → Maybe skiing in Turkey → Driving

Journey time : From 5 to 10 days

Cost / Person : Min 250 € – Max 400 € → Includes Gasoil + Toll + Participation for the maintenance of the Challenger.


  1. Being a chill over 18yo human with a passport
  2. Capable of driving – With a license if possible
  3. Deadline for booking – 4th of January (Because of the VISA if entering Iran)
  4. Being flexible
  5. Being ready to face unpredicted events
  6. Being autonomous
  7. You’re a mechanic expert? That’s even better


  • Will we stop all along this trip? We aim to reach Iran as fast as possible. Depending on the team, the weather, and opportunities… there will surely be some stops. We are also planning to shoot some videos of the Challenger.
  • What is the program once in Iran? The Challenger will spend about 2/3 weeks in the mountain for a ski trip, before heading back to Tehran at the end of February.
  • I want to go straight to Tehran? No worries! The challenger will drop you in Tabriz to get a bus to Tehran – 10€.
  • Can I take part in this Iranian ski trip? Yes! 2 conditions → Being super nice + very good skier.
  • Can the Challenger reach Iran? Of course! What a question?!
  • This question… Can the Challenger reach Iran? French Technical Control → OK, Engine Belts → OK, Oil → OK, Cooling → Its winter, Breaks → OK, Suspension → OK, Filters (air, gas, oil) → OK
  • Who are the passengers? We are 2 friends from Grenoble (France) and we are heading to Iran for skiing.
  • What about the luggages? There is space! Illegal products are strictly forbidden.
  • Are you coming back? Let’s leave France first…
  • Can I bring my dog? Sorry, but the Challenger is allergic to pet’s hair


Mail : [email protected]
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