From 3000m to 3300m

1x Rope tow
2x Skilifts

1x Green slope
1x Red slopes

Ski Pass 300,000 Rials

Open on Week-ends and Holidays from December to May

Ski resort

The small ski resort of Sahand is located North-West of Iran in the Sahand mountain range. The resort is 50km away from Tabriz, 6th biggest city of Iran, rich of a long history and a strong economy.

This region of Iran is very cold, offering great snow conditions and long winter seasons. Sahand and Alvares (located 3 hours away from each other), are the Iranian’s northest ski resort – According to locals, you can sometimes ski until June.

All year long, inhabitants of Tabriz and surrounding cities come to this protected area for : breathing the fresh air, walking around, skiing, paragliding, relaxing or visiting the famous village of Kandovan.

★ Services : Skis and clothes rental – Restaurant

Ski area

Beginner or expert, you will have lot of fun in Sahand.

For beginners, a rope tow and a green slope are located just few meters away from the main building. There, you will find a restaurant (managed by the great M. Ali) and a rental ski shop.

For experts skiers, 2 ski lifts give a fast access to the summit. From there, you can pretty much ski in any direction. The vertical drop and steepness of the slope are two more reasons to come to Sahand !

The wild mountains of Sahand are also a great place for ski touring. Known as really windy, the region may offer great potential for kiting.


Sahand is in the middle of nowhere ! Fortunately, the road leading to the resort is well maintained and offers great snow-walls on both sides. In case of bad weather, the road will be probably closed. Get informations by asking locals !

There is no public transportation from Tabriz to Sahand. The best way to get there is definitely to get in touch with a local.

I hitchhiked once to Sahand and got picked up by a snowplow – To do so, get a Taxi (for 5 $) from Tabriz to the intersection between road 16/32 and the one going to a village called “Irana” – See the map – Then hitchhike from there. To reach back to Tabriz, no worries, be sure that an other skier will give you a ride !

GPS coordinates : 37.758307, 46.513787
Google Maps


There is no lodging facilities in Sahand !

However, the main building is equipped for hosting people over nights. Some workers from the restaurant or ski-lifts sleep from time to time in this building. Be nice, smile, share with the locals, talk a bit of Turkish and you can be sure that they will allow you to stay with them overnight.

You can also go back to Tabriz, where finding a Hotel or a couchsurfer will be pretty easy. Your call…

Other ressources

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You have more informations about Sahand ? Contact me !



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