From 2550m to 3050m

2x Skilifts
3x Chairlifts

1x Green slope
2x Blue slopes
3x Red slopes
2x Black slopes

Ski Pass 400,000 Rials

Open everyday from November to May

Ski resort

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Shemshak was a small village lost in the mountain. With the discovery of important coal deposits, the village grew and a road connecting Shemshak to Tehran was built.

At the end of the mining operations, the village became a leisure place for rich people. In 1958, Shemshak ski resort was created, offering to the upper class of Tehran a place to learn and practice this trendy sport from Europe.

Nowadays, Shemshak is still a famous place for Iranian to come relax and have fun ! Even-though the resort hasn’t expand since its opening, it is still one of the largest in Iran. The proximity of Shemshak with other ski resorts like Darbandsar and Dizin, makes it the Ski Capital of Iran !

★ Services : Night skiing – Ski and clothing rental / shops – Ski cours – Restaurants – Hotels – Apartment rental – Shops – Other activities

Ski area

Shemshak ski area is the third biggest in Iran behind Dizin and Darbandsar. The 2x chairlifts (2 seats) starting from the village serve the summit. From the top, you can then access several slopes with varying difficulty.

2x ski lifts fin a raw, also reach the summit. A last ski lift in the village is dedicated to the beginner area.

Shemshak is known for hosting some of Iran’s steepest and most technical slopes. I was actually surprised by the quality of the everyday grooming. Moguls fans, you will be happy to find a black slope full of bumps, located at the top of the resort. For night skiing a red slope is equipped with lights.

Shemshak also offers numerous off-piste trails, reachable straight from the top. Compare to other resorts such as Tochal, or Darbandsar, safety regulation are much softer. From my experience, ski patrol won’t stop you to go off-piste.


Road 425, is the only route to access Shemshak ski resort. From the Eastern part of Tehran, one hour is necessary to reach the place.

Many transportation systems are available from Tehran to Shemshak : Taxi, minibus, hitch-hiking… From Tehran the easiest way, I think, is to get a “”Snapp” (the local “Uber“). In Feb. 2017, I paid about 12$ for a 60km ride through the mountains ! From Tehran you can also catch bus or minibus going to the city of Fasham (few kilometers before Shemshak).

GPS coordinates : 36.008362, 51.493692
Google Maps :


For accommodation, the city of Shemshak has a few hotels. The cheapest way to get a room in Shemshak is to rent an apartment – You can ask me for contacts here.

With a bit of luck, you might also find a host while skiing or by using the Couchsurfing app.

Other ressources

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You have more informations about Shemshak ? Contact me !



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