ALAM KUH - 4850M

Alborz Mountain Range / North

Summit 4850m
Min altitude 2200m
Max vertical drop +2650m

Grade : Hard
Min equipment : Crampons + Ice Axe
Base camp : Vandarbon
Shelter(s) : Oui

Climbing permit 35$

Access : Easy – 4×4 recommended
Nearest city: Tehran / Chaloos


Alam-Kuh is the second highest summit of Iran. Located at the heart of Alborz mountain range, only 40km south from the Caspian sea. Alam Kuh is part of the Takht-e Suleyman subrange. This area offers great diversity for ski touring, alpinism or trekking all seasons. Well known among Iranian climbers, you will surely meet some locals when setting up your base camp in Vandarbon or Kelardasht.

Weather conditions in this area can be tough and specially during the winter time. Its proximity with the caspian sea results in quick and unpredictable weather changes.

2 main routes reach the summit:

  • The normal route – South Face – is long but not technical
  • The North Face is steep and requires special equipment / experience for its climb

Best period for summiting this peak is from late March up to June. Don’t go in this high mountain area there without training and the proper equipment!

NB: This area hosts most of the highest peaks in Iran – They are all part of the Takht-e Suleyman subrange:
North Khersan – 4680m; South Khersan – 4659m;  Mt Takht-e Suleyman – 4659m; Siahsang – 4604m; Haft Khan – 4537m; Chaloon – 4516m; South Siahgook – 4500m; Siah-Kaman – 4472m; Shaneh-Kuh – 4465m; North Siahgook – 4445m; Kaloo – 4412m; Mian-Seh-Chal – 4348m; Lashgarak – 4256m;

Video: South face (Normal route)

Video shot in 2018 during the Iran 7 Summits SkiMo Project