SAHAND - 3707M

Sahand Mountain Range / North-West

Summit 3707m
Min altitude 3000m
Max vertical drop +707m

Grade: Easy
Min equipment: Crampons
Base camp: Sahand Ski Resort
Shelter: No

Climbing permit: No

Access: Easy – 4×4 recommended
Nearest city: Tabriz


At the heart of Iranian Azerbaijan, Mount Sahand is the highest peak of this inactiv volvanoes range. With an elevation of 3707m, its ascent remains relatively easy – Winter and summer.

Sahand ski resort, is the perfect base camp for exploring around. The resort is only 50km away from the city of Tabriz. Access is simple and the road well maintained even in winter.

Landscapes are stunning and “azeris” (local people) extremely kind. For the record, numerous iranian climbers originate from this region as Azim Gheichisaz.

Best period for skiing in Sahand is between February and the end of April.