From 2800m to 3200m

1x Skilift
1x Gondola

1x Red slope

Ski Pass 650,000 Rials

Open everyday from December to March

Ski resort

Pooladkaf is the southmost ski resort of Iran, surrounded by amazing landscapes. Can you imagine Kuwait is only 300km away from there ?

The resort is located near Sepidan, a leisure place for wealthy families from Shiraz. Shirazian come there for skiing or cooling off during the hot summer.

Created during the sixties, an industrial group “Pooladkaf” manages the resort since 2000. The group invested a lot to develop the resort and attract more tourists. Even-though Pooladkaf stays relatively small, it offers a large choice of activities  : sking, skidoo, restaurant, horse riding, après-ski, hotel, mountain bike, hiking…

★ Services : Skis rental (11 $ / day) – Restaurants – Hotel – Other activities

Ski area

Pooladkaf’s ski area is the fifth biggest in Iran, after Dizin, Shemshak, Darbandsar and Tochal ski resorts.

A gondola (4 seats / cabin) + 1 ski lift, are the two lifts serving the only red slope of the resort. When going up with the gondola, the length and relief of the slope offer an enjoyable ride from top to bottom. The ski lift is powerful and gives a quick access to the steepest part of the slope.

There are numerous off-piste trails with changing terrains, making runs really fun. The risk of avalanche is limited. Potential for ski touring in this region is big and especially in the “Dena Protected Area” near Kakan ski resort.

Fun Fact : The gondola was bought few years ago from a French ski resort called “Chalmazel” located in “Massif Central”. I felt back home reading the remaining cabins’ french inscription  : “Département de la Loire“.


From Shiraz a small road is reaching the ski resort of Pooladkaf. To my knowledge there isn’t any public transportation. However Shirazian people come skiing for the day to Pooladkaf, therefore hitchhiking is a good option.

From Yasuj, hitchhiking will be hard as the traffic is light. Better take a taxi – about 15 to 20 $ for one way.

GPS coordinates : 30.375361, 51.912611
Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/niHDVVMYHu52


A Hotel at the snow front offers rooms with full pension – Hotel’s website. You will have more choice and lower prices in Yasuj or Shiraz.

For low budgets keep in mind that Couchsurfing works well in Iran – If you take some time to look for the right host, you may find skiers ! Besides, Couchsurfing is the best way to taste the non-authorized red grape juice from Shiraz !

Other ressources

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