Why Iran?

Iran is a gold mine for ski touring!

If you plan a trip there, you surely won’t be disappointed. Iran is a mountain country with more than hundred peaks over 4000m. Its two main mountain ranges, Zagros and Alborz, cover a huge area and offer excellent snow conditions, great trails opportunities and amazing landscapes.

But ski touring in Iran is not just about skiing. It is a dive into one of the oldest civilization on earth. A country rich of different cultures, languages and histories. Therefore, Iran is very safe and Iranians will do anything to make you feel at home. Their great hospitality, generosity and kindness will surprise you.

Travelling in Iran is a journey and when it is combined with skiing / ski touring, it becomes a lifetime experience!

Where to go ski touring?

After a first season going across all ski resorts, Ski of Persia (should) comes back in 2018 for season 2 focusing on ski touring!

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