From 2350m to 2550m

2x Skilifts

1x Blue slope

Ski Pass 120,000 Rials

Open on Week-end and Holidays from December to April

Ski Resort

At the heart of Zagros mountain range, 200km away from Isfahan, the village of Chelgerd is home of one of the biggest Bakhtiari tribe community in Iran – Check out this page to know more about them. Chelgerd is also a famous destination for sightseeing in this region :

  • Kuhrang tunnel : Kuhrang river redirection provides Isfahan and Yazd with spring water
  • Sar Aqa Seyyed : A small village with specific architecture – See some photos
  • Landscapes : During spring, mountains are covered with flashy colors
  • Chma ice cave : An impressive ice cave in the mountain – See forum post
  • Cuisine et produits locaux : Kebab, local honey, aromatic plants…

Chelgerd population is about 2,500 inhabitants. Its elevation of 2300m, makes it one of the highest city in Iran (with Fereydunshahr). During winters, snow accumulation can be huge.

★ Services : Skis rental (3 $ / hour) – Restaurants – Hotels – Shops

Ski area

Chelgerd ski resort is a popular destination for skiers and tourists from Isfahan and Shar-e Kord. They come during week-ends and holidays to visit the Kuhrank tunnel, walk around, do tubing and practice or learn how to ski !

The ski area is relatively small with only 1x blue slope served by 2x ski lifts. At the snow front, some small slopes allow beginners to learn skiing without having to buy a ski pass.

An old snow groomer is driven by the manager who does its best for grooming the slope. The main building located at the snow front host a gym with : Wrestling mat, fitness machines, ping pong table, showers and toilets.

For ski touring, this area of Zagros mountains is a gold mine. You can find tens of summits higher than 4000m, with easy access and virgin slopes. If you speak french or just want to see nice pictures, I suggest you to take a look at this report made by “Montagne de Corse” in February 2017 : The tale / Photos.


Lost in the mountains, it can be tricky to access Chelgerd during snow falls. The road is however well maintained and the snow is quickly cleared to allow people from Chelgerd to reach Shahr-e Kord.

It is relatively easy to go there with public transportation. To do so, go first with a bus to Shahr-e Kord from Isfahan. Then 2 minibus are required to reach Chelgerd by passing through the city of Farsan – Cost : 3 $.

The last option is to come with the daily shuttle coming from the small city of Chadegan.

GPS coordinates : 32.457838, 50.125393
Google Maps :


You will find 3 hotels in Chelgerd. Winter time is considered as low season there, you might be able to get cheaper price for your room.

Wether you have your own sleeping bags, you can ask the gym’s manager for sleeping there.

You have more informations about Chelgerd ? Contact me !



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