Yes, you can rent a car as a foreigner in Iran. The country is huge and having freedom of movement is a must have for a road trip.

2 options : With or without a driver!

Driving in Iran

Get ready…

Rules?! No… that’s the first thing you will experience when arriving in an Iranian city → The driving is a tiny bit crazy! However, when you look closer, you can see some harmony in this chaos. Driving on highways and country side roads, driving is way easier.

Most Iranian will advice you not to drive a car in their country… In reality withing few hours of driving, you can easily adapt. One more thing, roads are well maintained nation wide.

Few advices :

  • Stay focus when driving
  • Follow the flow
  • Feel free to honk!
  • Trust Iranian driving skills… They’ll avoid you

What’s the cost?

Good news, you can rent cars for cheap in Iran. If you have the right contact, you will find car rental for less than 30€ per day and unlimited kilometers.
However, you won’t drive a Porsche Cayenne… Most likely a magnificant Peugeot 405 like the locals.

For gas, again it’s cheap… Less than 0,15€ cents for one liter!

And if you want to stop on your way in a gas station for food, nothing comparable with Europe – A snickers will cost you less than 0,20€ and a full plate of rice + chicken less than 2€.

Insurance and documents

So as to drive and rent a car in Iran, an international driving license is mandatory. However, odds that someone (even police) ask your for those papers are very low.

To rent a car with one of our iranian partner – Contact-us !

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