DENA - 4409M

Zagros (Dena) Mountain Range / South

Summit 4409m
Min altitude 2200m
Max vertical drop +2209m

Grade: Hard
Min equipment: Crampons
Base camp: Khafr
Shelter: Yes

Climbing permit X$

Access: Easy – 4×4 recommended
Nearest cities: Shiraz or Yasuj


Sub-range of the Zagros mountain range, Dena protected area is located in the South of Iran, 100km North of Shiraz. Its highest peak – Kuh-e Dinar – has an elevation of 4409m and offers a superb panoramic view on this magnificent region.

From the small village of Khafr (North-East side of the mountain), the main route gives access to Kuh-e Dinar. Nothing technical, only high altitude climb and potential risks of avalanches have to be considered.

Dena region is a remote area and the access to Khafr relatively long (by the road) – When attempting this ascent in winter stay cautious… Rescue teams will not come as soon as you are in trouble.

Depending on the season and snow falls, best period for skiing there is from mid-February up to end of April.

Video: North face(Normal route)

Video shot in 2018 during the Iran 7 Summits SkiMo Project

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