Iranian snow walls 2017

Here is a compilation of the best snow walls I have seen during my 2017’s trip!

I think it gives a good overview of what you can expect to see in the mountains. From what I have heard, 2017 wasn’t a good year…

If you have any shots you want to share, I will be happy to complete this thread – skiofpersia(at)

Road from Dizin Upper-Parking to Shemshak

Destroyed road sign on the road going down from the upper-parking in Dizin to Shemshak

Snow wall on the road from Dizin to Shemshak in Iran

Road from Varangeh Rud to Dizin

Varangeh Rud is a tiny village secluded in the mountain.

Snow wall near Dizin ski resort in Iran

Tarik-Dareh ski resort

The ski resort of Tarik-Dareh is located right above the city of Hamedan. The region is cold and windy resulting in snow accumulation such as those photos below:

Drag lift under the snow in Iran

Snow wall near tarik dareh ski resort in Iran

Mountain road near Chelgerd

Chelgerd is a small village in the Zagros mountain range – Base camp for numerous ski touring routes.

Road with snow near Chelgerd in Iran

Road to Sahand Ski Resort

Road going to Sahand Ski Resort, near the city of Tabriz.

Road going to sahand ski resort in Iran

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See you next year!