UPDATE Jan. 2018 – Keep in mind that the conditions of issue for an Iranian VISA may change over time. You can contact me to warn me of any update.

2 ways to get your VISA for IRAN :

  • You arrive by plane – VISA “On Arrival” at the airport : 30 days max (2x renewal)
  • You arrive by car / bus / cycle / foot – Have to apply for a VISA at an Iranian Consulate : 30 days max (2x renewal)

This post deals with the 2nd option. For the VISA “On Arrival” you will get all the informations on this website :

For the record, when I first traveled to Iran, I encountered lots of issues with my VISA application. This was mostly due to the bad travel agency in charge of getting my MFA number : !

Before any application for a VISA, you must get your MFA number. This number is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran with the help of the travel agency of your choice.

Choose your travel agency

Lots of travel agencies are allowed to provide this MFA number. However, be aware that some of them won’t be efficient and professional (Don’t choose

Here are some tips before you choose any agency :

  • Send a first email to test the reactivity of the company
  • Ask very precise questions to verify that they won’t “copy / paste” answers
  • Give 2 phone calls at different times to see if they always pickup !

You can also go online and try to find feedbacks from travelers. However, I think that some feedbacks or reviews are fake.

This time, a friend of mine (aka Germinus) recommended me to apply through the agency They answered most of my email within 24H, answers were accurate and I got my MFA number in less than 9 days !

Once again, don’t choose ! They screwed me so hard that I really don’t want anyone to get trapped as I did.

8 steps to get the VISA with Key2Persia

1. Go on key2persia website and apply for a VISA – See here. I suggest you to invent a fictionnal trip through main cities of Iran + Use Tripadvisor to name hotels. Then choose wisely the consulate where you want your VISA to be issued (Warning : If you choose Paris as Consulate, your VISA will only be issued from there)

2. Wait for a confirmation email from the agency (will last around 1 day)

3. Pay 30 euros to the agency (bank, paypal…)

4. After “around” 10 working days, you will receive your MFA number

5. 3 days after getting your MFA number, you have a month to go to the Consulate you choosed

6. Go to the Consulate with your Passport + a Copy of MFA number’s email + Insurance certificate  + Credit Card / Cash. My advice : Call the consulate to be sure about the documents required and the payment system.

7. Pay 75 euros for an express application (take 1 working day) – Price at the Iranian Consulate of Paris (Jan. 2017)

8. You have now 3 months to enter Iran

Useful links :

Have fun !